The Royal Automobile Club, Woodcote Park

The Royal Automobile Club at Woodcote Park required a PA system installed for their brand new swimming pool area for both announcements and emergencies. The clients also wanted a TV satellite system installed in a new, garden walled cottage.

This completely new expansion included facilities and changing rooms, full wall window enclosed pool, children's pool, woodland area, children's play area and the cottage as a children's activity club.

Take a look at the website to see the full expansion of Woodcote Park

Overview of the Project

This large-scale project came with many problems, as is expected with a project like this. With the expertise of our engineers, and working closely with the clients, designers and other trades and industries, we was able to finish the project to a high, professional standard.

As of beginning of 2021, Woodcote Park will open the brand new expansion.

What We Have Done

1st Fix:

  • Cabling for PA and AV systems.
  • Cabling for TV satellite.

2nd Fix

  • Multi-zone PA systems
  • Multi-zone AV systems
  • Installation of TV Satellite and termination.


  • Testing of PA and AV systems.
  • Testing of TV Satellite system.