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Solar Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions Kent

Charge Your Electric Vehicle With Power From The Sun


Have in interest in solar ev charging?


Charge with solar energy and maximise your savings

Energy and fuel prices may have taken you down the electric vehicle path, or maybe you're considering an electric vehicle for the future.

Yeames Solar can help capitalise on your home solar system as our EV charging solutions can be:

  • Activated remotely through an app
  • Installed for all EV types 
  • Scheduled to charge from the grid at low cost times.
  • Optional for indoor and outdoor installations 
Image of an electric car charging

If you own an electric car, or are making the change in the near future, then solar EV charging could be right for you! Capitalise on powering your car through the energy of the sun, and set activation times on powering your car at low cost hours from the grid. 

Our EV charging solutions can leave your system open to include solar EV charging in the future, if you decide at a later date to make the change!

Register your interest in our solar EV solutions at Yeames Solar Enquiry

IsSolar EV Charging Right For Me
Line icon depicting an electric vehicle charger


Internal and external installation for all electric vehicle types.

line icon showing a gauge

Charge Faster

Charge up to 2.5x faster when you boost with grid power.

Line icon showing a smartphone and electric vehicle charging

All In One App

Activate and set charging times within your home solar app.

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