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Access control

Yeames has partnered with Messerschmitt systems to provide door lock systems that provide hospitality businesses with a fully integrated solution that uses the latest RFID and bluetooth technology to improve hotel security. RFID credentials used by Messerschmitt systems can be blocked remotely from anywhere to ensure security in the event of a lost or stolen key.

Yeames are proud to partner with partnerships with industry leading technology innovators Messerscmitt Systems and SABA Hospitality.

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Smart control

Award winning guest room management solutions that bring a sense of luxury to your hotel or business. Our integrated hotel technology solutions minimise energy wastage and reduce operational costs and carbon footprint in your business, whilst providing a guest experience that enhances guest satisfaction and ultimately revenue.

Our smart control systems are tailored to your unique needs, and can feature wall readers that allow for communication with staff and smart thermostats for heating and ventilation control, allowing guests to heat or cool their room to their needs, and therefore reducing energy usage.

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