Hotel Guest Room Management Systems

Messerschmitt provides a wide range of Room Management installation options for your hotel to continuously satisfy your guests, while promoting sustainability and increasing room revenue. 

Room Management and Efficient Energy

The installation of Room Management Systems to meet your brand requirements will not only increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, but also promote efficient energy by monitoring and managing optimal in-room temperature, resulting in increased room revenue.

Guest Capabilities of Room Management Systems

Yeames can give your hotel an array of Room Management Solutions and designs to incorporate with your guest room interior. Our systems allow guests to have the ability to control heating, cooling, lighting, curtain control, visual audio, guest service operations and more.

Partnerships and System Quality

Yeames can take pride in being able to say we are official partners with Messerschmitt, the over 30 year leading manufacture of guest room management systems. To be sole supplier of Messerschmitt Room Management systems within the UK and Ireland. Therefore Yeames are exclusively able to supply superior quality Messerschmitt Room Management Systems, and take personal requests to integrate any other room management appliances you may desire.

System Maintenance and Office Support

Under Yeames warranty, maintenance and support packages, we will give your systems the care they require. We will set up a support network that can be accessed from our office. The use of IP addresses will identify and notify of any potential faults with the systems, which we aim to rectify remotely.