Hotel TV Systems

UKs leading Integrator of Hotel TVs by Philips, Samsung and LG


Yeames Hospitality has many years of experience when it comes to meeting the entertainment needs of your guests through their Hotel TV and matching the system to your brand requirements. Operating expenditure can be sourced to finance your developments and upgrades.

Yeames Hospitality Philips Media suite Chromecast TVs

New Philips Hotel TV with Chromecast built in.

Whether you're a small but beautiful B&B or a Luxury Hotel Brand, the Guest is always looking to match the Hotel TV with what they can do at home. 

With the age of the Smartphone and Streaming Apps in every pocket waiting to be unleased, it is now possible to do cost effectively without having to spend a lot on the upgrade.




Yeames Meets Your Brand Requirements

The brand requirements you set will determine the status of your hotel. Yeames Hospitality Engineers are capable of installing Guest Entertainment Systems to engage with your brand requirements and meet the demands of your guests.

Hotel Entertainment Systems and Upgrades

Installations or upgrades of Entertainment Systems can raise the profile of your hotel. Whether it's the installation of Freeview, Movies On-Demand or Chromecast. Possibly even the requests of Property Management Systems and Express Checkouts. Yeames Hospitality Engineers are able to meet your brand requirements.

Previous Experiences

Yeames have many years of experience in installing Hotel Entertainment Systems. We have seen the industry grow and have engaged with some of the most well known brands at all requirement standards, including Hilton and The Ritz.

Guest Entertainment Systems Support and Maintenance

Yeames offer our hospitality clients with 3-5 year maintenance and support subscription options. We will support all systems installed and upgraded by Yeames. Also, we conduct preventive maintenance checks yearly and reactive maintenance when necessary with minimal disruption as possible.