Mobile Network Solution

Our Industry Leading Hospitality Grade Solution Won't Let Your Guests Down.

Safer Than WiFi

Even with the best firewalls, WiFi can still be hacked. With Mobile Carrier CDMA security built in, the security is already provided by the mobile carrier.

Easier Than WiFi

Just walk into the Hotel Lobby and experience no dropped calls or need for the WiFi Password. The Data is there, and it's ready.

Cheaper Than WiFi

No expensive broadband contracts to pay for, the Guests use their own data plans. Which! Study shows an average of 14GB of mobile data gets wasted on average each month.

Faster Than WiFi

The Future is 5G and the future will be a lot faster. At around 10 times faster than 4G, the average could be 150-200Mbps.

Step 1: Requirements

What mobile networks are most affected in your Hotel? Where are the deadspots that need warming up to HotSpots? We will go through your needs first.

Step 2: Survey

We will arrange an onsite survey with our dedicated survey team and equipment to ensure we match the right solution for your building. If it's a new build, not a problem, we can utilize the latest software mapping tools to ensure you are operational before opening.

Step 3: Installation

Our experienced engineers can provide a full turn-key solution including 1st & 2nd Fix plus Commissioning.

Step 4: Support

Yeames Hospitality provide ongoing Maintenance and Support Packages to ensure your Guests receive the best coverage every day.