Solar Panel solutions for homes and businesses in Kent

Reduce energy costs with  solar generation solution from Yeames

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Energy prices in the UK are higher than ever before

Cost of living increases in the United Kingdom mean that the time to invest in solar is now.

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Save money by generating your own electricity on your roof and use it for your home or electric car.

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Save excess energy by storing it in your own energy bank for later use rather than feed back into the grid. 

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Benefit from industry leading manufacturer warranty packages that can last up to 25 years. 


Solar panels fit for life

Yeames supplies only the best panels and components from world leading providers such as Canadian Solar and Jinko.

With a minimum of 25 years product and output warranties on all panels supplied by Yeames, you can rest assured that your solution will function for decades to come. 

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By installing optimisers on each solar panel, your system will benefit by maximising output on solar panels that are not affected by obstacles. 

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Because each panel is individually optimised, a string of panels in a less favourable part of the roof can still contribute extra energy without restricting panels in prime positions. Therefore, more panels can be installed to increase total system size. 

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SolarEdge are the world leaders when it comes to solar energy. Now they are also the innovators who are creating a complete system that pairs solar generation with smart heating of hot water to EV charging!