Audio / Video

AV Systems for Your Office Buildings and Conference Facilities

Delivering on high standard Enterprise IPTV and Projection Systems, with the audio quality to match. Yeames Engineers will find the best solutions for your meeting rooms and conferencing needs in order to optimise your commercial business and enhance customer experiences.

AV Systems for Your Leisure Center and Gym Facilities

Commercial AV systems will improve your leisure center and gym facilities to meet 21st century requests. Yeames Engineers can upgrade multiple assets including installation of TV for gym equipment, Digital signage, PA Systems with backing music, projectors for virtual gym classes, streamline visitor sign in and much more.

Multi-Room and Single Room Networks

When considering your commercial setup, Yeames Engineers ensure our systems are compatible to transfer data on connecting or independent circuits. Allowing for your assets to supply AV data to either multi-room or stand alone rooms and facilities. 

Our Long-Term and Recent Experience

Yeames Engineers have long-term experience installing multiple AV systems for office buildings and conference facilities. We also have broad and recent experiences of installing gym and leisure AV assets on large scale projects.

All Systems Commissioned By Our Own Qualified Engineers

We pride ourselves on providing the highest standards of installations and supplying the best quality of systems. Yeames' qualified and competent engineers conduct a full commissioning of all work before being handed over with relevant certifications, alongside with our Yeames 2 years guarantee and CAI guarantee.