Induction Loop

Yeames Engineers provide solutions to individuals who are hard of hearing in your commercial properties, to meet The Equality Act 2010 regulations, through the installation of induction loops.

The Equality Act 2010 and Induction Loops

The Equality Act 2010 includes similar laws from the previous Disability Discrimination Act 1995. Yeames assist commercial businesses to comply with these regulations by offering our installation services of induction loops. Improving your company or leisure center sound conditions by enhancing any employees hearing devices to create an equal environment.

Infrared and Wired Induction Loop Systems

Yeames Engineers have multiple installation solutions of induction loops to avoid cross signal contamination and minimal disturbance to your commercial premises. For renovations or new property developments, we suggest a wired system that remains hidden under your flooring. However, if this is not an option we can provide an infrared arrangement to avoid disruption to your interior designs. 

Yeames Induction Loop Experience

Yeames Commercial Engineers are fully trained and competent in the installation and commissioning of induction loops systems. With many commercial businesses now being made aware of The Equality Act 2010 regulations, induction loops are increasingly becoming one of our most popular services.

Our Yearly Preventative Maintenance Check

Yeames provide a yearly preventive maintenance check free of charge. We like to ensure all systems still comply with any updated regulations or standards, and that all systems work without fault long after commissioning.