High Speed WiFi and Networking

Yeames Telecommunications Engineers can assist and install the best solutions to enhance your WiFi speed with the latest WiFi 6 standard, while also providing a resilient hard wired network. Increase coverage to all corners of your home using our new mesh WiFi systems that are compatible with Sky Q.

Eliminate Black Spots and Congestion In Your Home

Whether you live in high dense areas or just experience blackspots. Yeames Telecommunications can design a range of internal and external cost efficient solutions. By creating a wireless mesh network or installing a hard wired network using CAT6/Fiber optic cables, we can provide both a cost effective and robust system for your needs. 4G home broadband may also be a consideration, our engineers can find the best solution that's most compatible for your home.

Our Experience and Implementations

Yeames Telecommunications Engineers have multiple long-term experience carrying out all varieties of internal/external WiFi and Networking installations. We conduct our own course of testing and network implementations to ensure the suggested actions have reached the desired outcome.

Support For Your WiFi and Networking Systems

At Yeames Telecommunications, we provide a free over the phone support service to help you avoid any unnecessary costs of engineer visits outside of our Yeames warranty.